Business Analytics Gurus that you might want to follow on Twitter

If you want to learn about your domain, the best way to do this is to follow  your fellow researchers and researchers and practitioners that are known in your domain. I have learned throughout the years to focus and learn from masters and by taking this information as foundation, trying to build the next steps in my own understanding in the domain. This applies to anything that one does in life. Do not take everything as given, but take the information, analyze it, maybe criticize it and/or improve it and then build the next level of intelligence that you can then educate the community with.

I submitted a blog post yesterday about the importance of Big Data for software vendors and when reading things around the topic, I run into an interesting list that suggested to be the top 7 list of Analytics Gurus.

  • Mike Gualteiri from Forrester and his Twitter tag is @mgualtieri and his forte based on the web is focused on Big Data, predictive analytics and emerging technology.
  • Vincent Granville from AnalyticsBridge Newsletter and his Twitter tag is @analyticbridge. He publishes a newsletter and focuses in data science, predictive modeling, text mining and business analytics.
  • Doug Laney from Gartner Research with Twitter tag @doug_laney and he focuses on Analytics, Info Innovation & Big Data and the discipline of Infonomics.
  • Leslie Ament from Hypatia Research Group and is listed as “Industry Analyst & Customer Intelligence Researcher with Twitter tag @Hypatia_LeslieA and she focuses on Customer Intelligence and business value of #CRM #BI # Analytics #VOC, #Social Media and #Info Mgmt.
  • Hyon Park  from Nucleus Research with Twitter tag @cambervillechow focuses on #analytics, #bigdata, #collaboration and #socialmedia & #sabermetrics.
  • Gregory Piatetsky from with Twitter gat @kdnuggets and he focuses on #analytics, #Big Data #, and #Data Mining
  • Anil Batra with Twitter tag @AnilBatra says he moves beyond web analytics and is working on multi-channel analytics with granular customer level data.

I think you should follow these guys for at least a little while to see what kind of information they share to the community.