DrSalonen WordPress site is now running natively in Windows Azure environment

One of the benefits of having some down-time due to holiday season is to be able to do more of things what you can’t do when you are in full swing with work. For me this has meant throughout my career that I do research, write books, study technology or do things when I am not distracted from different things. Now I am listening to the wonderful Swedish singer Eva Dahlgren (got a CD from my wife as Christmas present) and writing this blog entry in late Dallas evening.

Azure-website-001What makes me very excited about this transfer of my WordPress site is that I wanted to upgrade the WordPress platform and get myself ready for 2013 where I will start making blog entries of my experiences that I have gained during 2012. It is time for me to start working on text again as it is already 2 years since I published my latest book. However, due to the projects in the cloud transformation, it has been so fascinating to learn new stuff so I am OK even if I have neglected the writing for a while.

Stay tuned for blog entries during 2013 and later today I will post some of my experiences in this transfer of my WordPress site from a private hosting site to Windows Azure environment.

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